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Professional Scratched DVD Cleaning Service in USA

You must know that not everything is stored on the cloud nor streaming online. Many often, you can’t get around storing and accessing data and media on DVDs.

Keeping those fragile discs clean and scratch-free is always a challenge. You can keep them clean and save them from getting their surface scratched. Follow here some tips on cleaning a DVD without scratching the disc.

The first tip to successfully cleaning a DVD without scratching the surface is to use the right cleaning cloth. Remember that the hem of your shirt is unlikely to go to cut it. You need a very soft cotton cloth and that a microfiber cloth works great.  Microfiber cloths are reusable, and are also perfect for DVD cleaning service requirements.

You can also clean a DVD with 100% cotton swabs and balls. You need to ensure that you are not using any kind of paper product. Even the softest facial tissues that are made from abrasive wood fibers could scratch your DVD. Soft microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning solutions. So, you can mix dish soap and water and start cleaning DVDs.

DVD Cleaning Service

In most cases, water will suffice as a cleaning agent. If water does not remove everything from the DVD, then a more powerful cleaner such as isopropyl alcohol can be used. But, this should only be used in the most extreme of cases.

Dedicated CD and DVD wipes are also available. Those are available with already coated in a suitable cleaning solution. You can use them to clean your DVD.

But what if you have your DVD scratched on it? In that case, you have to contact a professional DVD cleaning service in the USA. One such a professional service provider is Disc Repair.

DVD cleaning service professionals at Disc Repair are trained to repair any disc video games, music CDs, DVDs Blu-ray CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Wii, X-Box, XBox 360, GameCube, PlayStation, CD-ROM and much more!

Why Choose DVD cleaning service in USA at Disc Repair?

  • Full customer satisfaction guaranteed (contact them if you have any concerns regarding the service)
  • Low price guaranteed (affordable and low price match guarantee on repairs)
  • 100% data recovery (guarantee for data recovery from a corrupted and scratched CD/DVD disc as soon as possible)
  • 6-month warranty (repaired discs are covered by their standard 6-month warranty)  


You can avail of their DVD cleaning service in the USA. You have to just mail your scratched DVD to them and they will take care of the rest.

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